John R. Ward… The man behind Probity 35+ years Master of the trade bringJohn R. Ward… The man behind Probity 35+ years Master of the trade bringJohn R. Ward… The man behind Probity 35+ years Master of the trade bringJohn R. Ward… The man behind Probity 35+ years Master of the trade bring


The extreme shortage of qualified mechanics is frustrating for customers, and there are few options for pros to learn what they should know! Anyone who could use more professional knowledge but don't know where to find it, here it is...

  • Anyone who would like to learn...



     The table of contents outlines how the book is organized in a logical order of business


Cover to cover, this book teaches you a good foundation for installation of wood flooring...and it's an inexpensive way to train  each man in your crew, so they are all on the same page, all are doing it right. 

  • Proper terminology;
  • Rules of proper installation;
  • The most efficient way to do everything, so it all makes sense and goes together without a hitch;
  • Tooth-in;
  • Some things that can round out your knowledge, and give you a few things that will make the jobs easier and make you more qualified;
  • ...and much more.
  • I also included how to use some simple floating substrates (designed by me) to easily manage concrete substrates, to allow you to easily adjust the floor elevation to achieve the proper riser height of the first step like the little landing at the bottom of stairs to basement, or to easily and inexpensively deal with small elevation issues that can make all the room the same!  

AND FOR NON-PROFESSIONALS who could use guidance to execute a hardwood flooring project the way a master tradesman would execute the job, including information you will never find in a free video, and would likely prevent a lot of grief otherwise.


Table of contents

     Everything is for a specific purpose, placed in logical order of necessity, and what any pro should know.

         These are things that help a pro complete the job in half the time, perform the task easily, and do the job right...


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 More:  I'm offering this comprehensive project guide "HOW TO INSTALL STRIP & PLANK"  at a reasonable price!

(We can call it a "Project guide" because it is much more than just how to install wood floors)

     Especially if you are a pro, this small book brings a good foundation for you and your people for the "Right way to plan and execute a wood flooring project", that you will find no where else!, Use this guide to help you plan your project, or as a convenient way to train your people?

In recent years, it has become far too common for customers to call me for emergency help...The following is just one of many:

   Ø  This year, a customer called “She hired a big box store who had her prepay the whole job amount in advance, then had her wait 6 months for them to start the job. When they finally showed up, they told her …"We can’t do the job until you have another contractor come to fix your sub-floor” Thank goodness she called me and hired me.  

     I solved the problem in ten minutes, and by the end of the next day she had a beautiful new floor! 

 Another customer called me because a contractor installed most of her floors, but walked off the job when they got to the difficult part...

If they had this special book, they could have easily solved the problem, and finished the job.

This small book is loaded with critical content; and comes with the "Expert in your pocket feature!  303-507-2927 or email your question


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