"The" most important thing in choosing "How-to" instruction... "How qualified is it?


I'm here to help you "FREE"

I found the free videos and other free help was typically Insufficient, too quick, and hard to memorize...

So I think you'll find this to be more effective in helping you.

I can't do your floors for you anymore, but beginner or aspiring new pro, I would love to help you...You can call me or email with specific, point-on wood flooring questions...FREE



If it's a small problem, or you just want to chat about your project, please call or email...FREE OF CHARGE!

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Then, if you have a "Job-Stopper" problem and  you need more than that, I've put together a very ine

     THEN, if you have a "Job-Stopper" problem and  you need more than that, I've put together a very inexpensive project guide (45 pages), that will guide you through the entire project, because you will need much more than just how to install wood flooring, and if you still need a call, you can.


The gallery of pics below offer a glance at the content of the "Project Guide"


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     I'm offering this priceless, yet very inexpensive  "PROJECT GUIDE"  at a very special, introductory price!  

     Even if you are a pro, you might find information you may not know, or use the guide as a convenient way to train your people?

   Ø  This year, a customer called “She had pre-paid a big box store the whole amount in advance, and waited 6 months for them to start the job. When they finally showed up, they told her …"We can’t do the job until you have another contractor come to fix your sub-floor” Thank goodness she called me and hired me.  

I solved the problem in ten minutes, and by the end of the next day she had a beautiful new floor! 

 Nothing wrong with the big box stores,…they just don’t have my knowledge or experience…they are great at providing a plethora of great flooring; however, she did say “she wishes she would have talked to me before the job”.

To call or email...

This flooring gun will go to the next order of a "TEN-PACK"

This Bostich Engineered floor nailer will be free with the first order of a 10 pack.

Reviews...or if it's easier, shoot me an email to johnatprobity@gmail.com

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