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 This 45 page manual shares  the rules of installation, nailing schedules, and everything you need to know.

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Master of the trade with integrity (Probity)

More than 35 years producing floors like this!

  35+ years Master of the trade - 47 years exceptional construction related experience...  

Residential and Commercial,

Framing, Sheathing, Light elect., Tolerances, Sleepers, Floating substrates and floor systems, Pads/Cushions, Installation and finish, Installer of Strip, Plank, Parquet, Inlays, Fully adhered, Sander/finisher, Trim and more… Estimator, with the knowledge of best practices for any task at hand; Takeoffs from Blueprints or Field measure. It’s rare to find any wood floor professional with this broad range of experience willing to share his knowledge with you!  I know what you need to know...and this is it; and if it is not, call me...

**Previously, the Commercial salesman for the largest hardwood flooring company in Colorado, I sold and managed the construction of the complex stage and pit-lift for the Temple Buell Theater in Denver, numerous gymnasiums, floating dance floors, and many more large commercial jobs. 

Food for thought: 

With the plethora of under-qualified installers, there's a good chance you are better off letting me guide you to success...and...even if you hire a contractor, if they are making mistakes, you want to know!  This will guide you through what you should expect, and what you should know???  $35 is cheap insurance!

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At 68 years old,  I may be too old to physically do your floors for you...But it's very likely that I can be your best choice to help you, so you know it's getting done right!  Or you can wonder if the guy you had to hire is doing it right?

This small book is 45 pages of "What I know you need to know, and what you probably don't know"




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